For our new followers, we just wanted to take the opportunity to reintroduce our family and our farm! We just got two new additions this spring, which brings our family to seven. What a blessing these boys have been, and they were only just born in February.

As for the farm, this is our third year farming, and our second year selling product. Currently we do most of our sales to members of our Buyers Club in Columbus and Zanesville. We would love to expand that to start drop offs in Newark, and Granville. Jeff is in Columbus three times per week doing drops to members before and after his tutoring clients. It is free to become a member, and then find out which drop off fits your schedule. We can do bulk orders or small orders every few weeks. Whatever is best for you, your family, and your budget. Simply click on the Contact button above or message us on Humble Hands FB to start a direct conversation with your new farmer. We would love to get to know you! We have a price list we can send to you which lists all our eggs, chicken, pork, and other rotating products including soaps, salves, and oils from our sister farm, Prairie Fields Farm.

We have some new projects in the works for this year, including some wool from our sheep that we will be selling as roving and yarn. We will be restocking our tote bags and t-shirts. As well as welcoming new animals to the farm. Michelle helps with farm chores, does all the marketing, home schools the children, and cares for the new littles, Cedar and Forrest. Jeff sets up orders, manages the animals, and loves making new friends at drop offs. Sunny, Juniper, and Goldie help out with farm chores, play in the garden, and ride their pony, Sugar.