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Humble Hands On Luminous Mind Podcast

Gaining Freedom Through Humble Hands Farming So we had the honor of getting featured on an episode of the Luminous Mind podcast! We got to speak with Rebecca Bohman, creator of this great homeschooling, entrepreneurship, and community education resource. The Luminous Mind FB page says: We seek to build a community that mentors those who… Read More Humble Hands On Luminous Mind Podcast

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Raw Key Lime Pie Recipe

Raw Key Lime Pie Ingredients: We didn’t have the right ingredients, so the crust is not raw (here’s a good one)- 1 1/2 cups finely ground graham cracker crumb 6 tablespoons butter, melted 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon Filling- 4 avocados 1/4 cup raw local honey 1/4 cup coconut milk juice from 2 limes (use slightly… Read More Raw Key Lime Pie Recipe

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Tomato Pie and Smoothie Bowl Recipes!

Ok! We promised a couple recipes on social media earlier this week. Here’s the goods: Tomato Pie Ingredients: 1 recipe pastry for a single 9-inch pie crust 4-5 garden tomatoes, thick sliced (heirloom varieties have such rich flavor) 1/4 cup chopped fresh basil 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese 1/4 cup mayonnaise Directions: Preheat oven to… Read More Tomato Pie and Smoothie Bowl Recipes!

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Homeschool Creative Journaling

We try to be humble with our beliefs. We consciously try to not be pushy or forthright. We’ve seen too many friends pushed away from the faith by a domineering messenger. But we want to be open and vulnerable about as many aspects of our homeschooling as possible. So please take it with that understanding… Read More Homeschool Creative Journaling

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Water Colors!

Just a quick post… We are playing around with our new water color pens ( inspired by @barefootedarrows 😘) .. Sunny wanted to design some new logos to print on farm totes. Who else out there loves water colors? We do!! Do you  have favorite materials? Leave a comment below! Here’s our new favorite: Water… Read More Water Colors!

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Homemade Rock Candy

  This post is for all those home schoolers starting up, and any of our public and private school family friends who want to enhance their children’s science understanding. This is simple and fun, and no mess! Cooking is Chemistry! Ingredients: 4 cups water 4 cups sugar 2 drops various food coloring (if desired) 1… Read More Homemade Rock Candy

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New Website and New Events!!

We have finally finished our website! We hope you like it. Let us know through the contact form if you see any corrections or improvements that can be made. Neither of us are web designers by trade, so we are just trying to get an attractive platform to centralize our family business and make products… Read More New Website and New Events!!

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Gateway to Farming

7/11/2014 Birds have really been our gateway animal into farming. If you want to dabble, test the waters, or see if urban or cottage farming is for you, then try some birds. They are literally easier to care for than dogs, and you get a physically nourishing benefit not available from most pets. About four… Read More Gateway to Farming


Finding Community in Unexpected Places

6/30/2014 When we decided to invest in this farm project seven months ago, we were bracing ourselves for the loneliness factor. Michelle and I have both grown up around the city and suburbs our entire lives. We are fortunate to have close ties to family and friends. We have been intimately involved with various community… Read More Finding Community in Unexpected Places


Bee Calm

6/12/2014 It happened sooner than we expected. I had expected it to happen the following weekend when my cousin Paul and the wonderful Beth were set to get married. That’s how these things always play out, don’t they? Major family event planned months ahead. Unpredictable arrival of important package requiring immediate pickup and attention. In… Read More Bee Calm