Essential Oils

Thanks for your interest in Essential Oils! Our family has been using them since 2008, and we have had great success improving our family’s health and well being. These plant extracts are a great way to do some preventative and proactive steps to support immune systems and help with common symptoms and situations. We encourage you to do some research into these oils and try them out as you are making health decisions for your family. One of the reasons we chose Young Living is that they fit with our health and environment mission. They own their own farms, have a Seed to Seal guarantee, and we can visit the farms to see quality and process. We also think it is important that they have an Analytical Chemist as the head of their Science and Research and Development. You can see some of the peer-reviewed studies that have been done on our scientific research page and here on their site. If you would like to see over 20,000 people talking about how they use oils and share recipes, please “friend” Michelle or Jeff and we can add you to a wonderful FB group. We find it has been empowering taking our health into our own hands. Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter by clicking the button on the right hand side of the page to get more information about oils, the farm, and our events. Also check out our NEW Humble Hands Farm Youtube channel where we are beginning to build a video library. 

For those who are skeptical about the quality of these oils, as compared to those available in most health food stores, please watch these videos. In this first one please pay close attention to the lack of control of farming practices, the distilling equipment (not food grade), and containers used for transport and sales in the market. This Aura Cacia video shows the industry standard for oils. They can buy them for pennies at corner markets, and resell them to you.

Again, Young Living owns their own farms, chooses from their own seed, weeds by hand, uses no chemicals, and can guarantee the product all the way to your door. Here’s a video of their Distillery in Oman. Notice the food grade distilling equipment and technology. Here’s a video of Gary Young explaining why they chose to do chemical free distilling and incur the cost of cleaning the machinery twice a year instead.

Schedule an Essential Oils 101 Class!

One of the best ways for us to get you some information is to meet at a local cafe or arrange for a family get together at your house or ours. We can do a fun Essential Oils 101 class at your house where you can invite friends you know might be interested! We love meeting new friends and building community with our neighbors. Schedule an event today!

Want to Buy Oils as a Wholesale Member or Distributor?

Just like Costco, they require a first time purchase of $160, but you get that product to use unlike Costco. This gives you access to all their wholesale discounted pricing for all products and equipment on the website.

  • Most exciting option is the Premium Starter Kit at $160  (50% Discount). This includes eleven oils, samples, marketing materials, and a diffuser! This includes the Wholesale Membership like Costco, except you get all that product. This includes the 24% wholesale discount for 12 months. No pressure to purchase more. 
  • Basic Kit at $45 (wholesale membership and Stress Away) and mix and match to fit your needs. Add one of the lists below:

  • Compensation Plan for those interested in the business side of this lifestyle company! The rewards, commissions, and bonuses only require a monthly $100 purchase. We don’t know any other small business that has such low start up costs. This also gives you access to our TEAM, education materials, and all the support. You can also get access to the Essential Rewards program, which gives you credits for free products and discounts on shipping. Here’s the Income Disclosure so you can see the possibilities.

Want to Buy Oils as a Retail Customer

This is an option, but not one we often suggest. Once people realize that they could have been getting the PSK set at 50% off and all future purchases at 24% off, they tend to regret it.

Click here and select “Retail Customer” (no minimum purchase or wholesale membership required):


Crafty Links

Colorful Roller Bottles with stainless rollers (10 ml) or glass rollers here

Roller Bottles with stainless rollers (5 ml) and here

Labels for roller bottles

Fractionated Coconut Oil to use as a carrier oil in dilutions

Sample Bottles to share oils with your friends