Birthing Beautifully Placenta Encapsulation

One of the health and wellness services we provide is placenta encapsulation for mothers after the birth of their child. Michelle was given the gift of these wonderful supplement capsules by her assistant midwife and it was extremely helpful for her wellbeing. She felt more energized, and had better emotional balance. If she missed a day taking the supplements, she noticed a dramatic change. Jeff decided to take the training from Placenta Benefits and become a certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. He has been doing it since 2010. It has been a great blessing to our family to be able to help so many mothers avoid Post-Partum Depression and the rollercoaster of emotions and hormones shortly after birth. If you are interested in some of the scientific research, please read here.

We include pick up and drop off in our flat rate of $180. We will pick up your organ at the hospital, clinic, or home as soon as you notify us of delivery. We have you keep it refrigerated until we arrive. We will transport it on ice in a cooler. We clean it, steam it, dehydrate it, powder it, and encapsulate it (FDA food safety standards). We will bring your capsules to the hospital or home usually within 48 hours. Speed is important, as the baby blues usually set in by day 3. You can then take the capsules along with the other supplements you take for maternity care.

Please message us on our Birthing Beautifully FB page, or email us at Birthingbeautifully@hotmail.com to register your due date, contact info, and get on our calendar.



I was very excited when I was first told about placenta encapsulation. I had no idea what to expect after giving birth, but I knew that I was on board with anything that would help to make things easier. After a long but beautiful birth experience, I ended up having a somewhat slow recovery and spent the better part of 2 weeks in bed healing and regaining my energy. I received and started taking my placenta pills the day after giving birth.

I felt the emotional effects almost immediately and I am positive that they helped me to avoid postpartum depression. They also helped aid greatly in my recovery by putting much needed iron and other nutrients back into my body. Having experienced the benefits of placenta encapsulation first hand, I know that I will be doing the same thing if we are blessed with another child one day.


If any client would like to email me their experience, I would be glad to share it. Any requested privacy will be honored. Thank you, Sara!

I was walking up the path from my daily trip to feed and water the animals, and stopped to check the mail. To my surprise and joy, I found a lovely family photo card in the mailbox! It was a heartfelt thank you from a recent client:

Thank you for the amazing service you have provided our family. Josie is our 3rd baby and I have never felt so amazing after a birth! I feel so emotionally balanced and happy – it’s almost hard to believe!! I battled postpartum depression after my first two babies – but there are no signs at all this time!!! Thank you for helping to keep us healthy and happy!


The Taylors

What a wonderful surprise to find in the mailbox! We always encourage anyone who has tried this service to speak about their experience. The more we talk about and share our experiences, the more common encapsulation will become! Please feel free to share your experience by contacting us privately by email or messenger.

I was texting with a recent client to let them know they could contact me at anytime to ask questions or get further information.

Thanks! Hey, I am curious if you use any herbs? I took three [capsules] and felt immediate energy. Do you use ginseng or anything? 

Me: No. Just Ginger and Myrrh essential oils during steaming. My wife always called them her “happy pills”. You are getting back a significant amount of your own iron. And iron is what carries the oxygen in your blood stream.

Ah well, they work fantastically!




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